Where Are My Test Results?

The following guidelines are provided to help you understand if and when your results will be available in MyChart.

Test Result Guidelines

The following standard guidelines apply to all test results performed at Geisinger:

Test Locations

Test and lab results that were completed in a Geisinger laboratory will display in MyChart; however:


Please see the following definitions to some of the terms used on this page.

Lab Tests
Laboratory tests check a sample of blood, urine, or body tissues to look for changes in your health.
Diagnostic Tests
Medical tests performed to aid in the diagnosis or detection of disease, injury, or other medical condition.
  Examples: Radiology, GYN Cytology, Endoscopy, EKG, and Holter Monitor.
Geisinger Provider
A health care provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, physician assistant) employed by Geisinger.

Further Support

If your lab or test results are not available in MyChart after 5 calendar days, please contact your provider's office to get your results.

If you still have questions regarding viewing your test results in MyChart, please contact our support staff here.